Some recent Articles

You are welcome to download some of the articles, for your own academic and educational purposes.

*M. Yasugi
(.pdf) Effective uniformity versus limiting recursion in
sequential computability of a function, manuscript

*T. Mori, M. Yasugi, Y. Tsujii
(.pdf) (.ps) Integral of Fine computable functions and Walsh Fourier series

(.pdf)The effective sequence of uniformities and its limit: as a methodology in computable analysis
to appear in "Annals of the Japan Association of Philosophy of Science"

*T. Mori, Y. Tsujii, M. Yasugi
(.pdf) Fine-computable functions and Effective Fine-convergnece
accepted by CCA2005 and revized Dec. 2006

* M.Yasugi, T. Mori, Y. Tsujii
(.ps) (.pdf) Effective sequence of uniformities and its effective limit
accepted by CCA2005

* Y. Tsujii, M. Yasugi and T. Mori (ENTCS: CCA2004)
(.ps) Sequential computability of a function -diagonal space and limiting recursion

* M. Yasugi, Y. Tsujii and T. Mori
(.pdf) Effective sequence of uniformities and the Rademacher function system(preliminary notes)

* M. Yasugi
Computability problems on the continuum: a report
for Proceedings of Takeuti Symposium

* M. Yasugi and M. Washihara
A note on Rademacher functions and computability,
Words, Languages and Combinatorics III, World Scientific, 466-475

* Y. Yasugi and S.H. Oda
Jumping out of the system: an analysis by proof-theory
Seminar talk at Pre-Forum Seminar
The 7th Conference on Economic Experiments: ORC
May 22, 2003, at Kyoto Sangyo University

* M. Yasugi and Y. Tsujii
Computability of a function with jumps--
Effective uniformity and limiting recursion--

"Topology and its Applications"(Elsevier),146-147(2005), 563-582.
Available online at

* M. Yasugi
Limiting computability of discontinuous functions-- Significance and problems--
J. of the Jap. Assoc. for Phil. of Sci. vol.30,no2(2003),13-18
in Japanese

* M. Nakata, N. Saneto, M. Yasugi
An application of NDJ_{prop} to catch and throw mechanism
Proceedings of the 7th and 8th Asian Logic Conferences
World Scientific, 2003, 328-342.

* M. Yasugi and Y. Tsujii
Two notions of sequential computability of a function with jumps
Electronic Notes in Theoretical Computer Science 66 No.1 (2002)

* M.Yasugi,V.Brattka and M.Washihara
Limit computation of some discontinuous functions
Proceedings of Workshop at RIMS(2002)

* M.Yasugi, Y.Tsujii and T.Mori
Metrization of the uniform space and effective convergence
Math. Log. Quart. 48(2002) Suppl. 1, 123-130

* Mariko Yasugi and Sobei H. Oda
A note on wise girls puzzle
Economic Theory 19 (2002), Springer-Verlag

* Mariko Yasugi, Vasco Brattka and Masako Washihara
Computability aspects of some discontinuous functions
SCMJ Online 5-48

* Mariko Yasugi and Sobei H. Oda
Notes on bounded rationality
SCMJ Online, vol.7(2002), special issue, 129-138.

(1) Sobei H. Oda and Mariko Yasugi
Inference within Knowledge
Discussion Paper, Kyoto Sangyo University, October 1998

(2) Mariko Yasugi, Takakazu Mori and Yoshiki Tsujii
Effective Properties of Sets and Functions in Metric Spaces with Computability Structure
TCS, vol.219,no.1-2(1999), 467-489

(3) Osamu Takaki and Mariko Yasugi
Modified Realizability for TRDB
Algebraic Engineering, ed. C.L.Nehaniv and M.Ito(1999), World Scientific, 186-200

(4) F.Takeutchi, K.Nakagami, F.Ushitaki and M. Yasugi
Mathematica-Aided Education of Science Students
IMS'99, RISC, Austria, August 99

(5) M.Yasugi and S.H.Oda

A proof-theoretic approach to knowledge

(6) O. Takaki and M. Yasugi
An MR-complete extension of TRDB and its functional interpretation

(8) Y. Tsujii, M. Yasugi and T. Mori
Some properties of the effectively uniform topological space
LNCS 2064, Springer, 336-356(2001)

(9) M. Yasugi
How to understand the computable aspects of step functions
Report: RIMS Proceedings, March2000
Computability structures in analysis, Sugaku Expositions (AMS)
13(2000), no.2, 215-235.

(10)S.Oda and M. Yasugi
Jumping out from the system
The Proceedings of the International Workshop on Emergent Synthesis(1999), 257-262.

(11)M.Yasugi and S.Oda
Jumping out of the system: a proof-theoretic analyais
Kagaku Kisoron Kenkyu (2001), vol.28,no.2,33-38(87-92), in Japanese.

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