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Spiral Life

Name Koji Kurumatani Shokichi Ishida
Date of Birth 29 August 1971 12 April 1968
Place of Birth Tochigi Shizuoka

In 1992, Koji Kurumatani was a member of BAKU, but he had already decided to quit this group. Then, he was looking for a new member to organize nextgroup. His new member was introdused by his producer Mr. Shinohara and the new member was Shokichi Ishida. The new band was named Spiral Life.

Koji Kurumatani was a guitarist in BAKU, but he became also a vocalist in Spiral Life, and Shokichi Ishida played guitar and keyboards. He, however, also sang, so Spiral Life had two vocalists.

They released their first album "FURTHER ALONG", in 1993. This album did not sell, but the second album "spiral move -TELEGENIC 2-" sold in 1994 was successful.

In 1995, their third album "FLOURISH" was released in Summer and sold 150,000 copies. Then, they had the chance to be big star in Japan, but theystopped almost all activity suddenly and did only live concerts in the Autumn.

Finally, the day had come they disbanded Spiral Life. In March 23, 1996, their last live concert took in Yokohama Arena. This was their best live in spite of being their last one.

Then, they started to work separately, Koji Kurumatani started his new project AIR in 1996. The member is Koji Kurumatani only. Shokichi Ishida had organized his new group Scudelia Electro in 1996, with Yasuhiko Terada who was the recording engineer in SpiralLife, and Eiji Yoshizawa who was the keyboardist as the support member in Spiral Life.




Another day, another night FURTHER ALONG
Game Over spiral move -TELEGENIC 2-
20th Century Flight FLOURISH
Please Please Mr. Sky @
Dream all day

-Remix Albums-

Maybe True Freaks of go go spectators
GARDEN Freaks of go go spectators 2


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Reported by: Masahiko Hayashi
Data verified by: Yuichi Masaki
Date of Report: January 2002
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