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Scudelia Electro

Name Shikichi Ishida Yasuhiko Terada Eiji Yoshizawa
Date of Birth 12 April 1968 27 January 1954 16 May 1964
Place of Birth Shizuoka Shiga Tokyo

In 1995, Shikichi Ishida was the member of SPIRAL LIFE with Koji Kurumatani. They , however wanted to create their own work each other. Then, Shokichi Ishida was thinking to be a producer or organize a producer group. So, he organized a produce team named "Scudelia Electro".

The members are Shokichi Ishida who is the vocalist and guitarist, Yasuhiko Terada who is the recording, mixing engineer and the president of the "Think Sync Integral", and Eiji Yoshizawa who is keyboard, piano player and programming and mixing engineer.

In March 32, 1996, SPIRAL LIFE' disbanded and Scudelia Electro's work started. In this summer, their free sample CD "Don't you want me?" was distributed in many record shops. Then, September 26, 1996, their first official CD single "TRUTH" had been released. In 1997, their first album "SCUDELIA ELECTRO". This album cause a great sensation, and used as the soundtrack by the famous theatrical company.

They had released 6 singles and 4 albums until in 1999's end. In 2000, they produced an album of the most famous group, SPITZ, and won fame.

In 2001, Shokichi Ishida established his own record company "Stratoss Records" and released 3 singles and an album "5er!". Now, they are working hard and winning fame.




Live + Drive FLAMINGO
Summer Rain Golden Slumbers Orange Side
white Golden Slumbers Highway Side
Taiyo Doro (Autostrada del sole) 5er!
Rainy day


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Reported by: Masahiko Hayashi
Data verified by: Tooru Kobayashi
Date of Report: January 2002
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