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Ingredients (15 ohagi)

A:300g azuki/ One and three fourth cup of sugar
B:Half cup of kinako/ One fourth ~ half cut of sugar/ Little salt
C:200g mochi rice/Little salt/200cc water
D:Half cup of aonori

A:How to cook anko

  1. Wash the azuki.
  2. Place them in a saucepan and add enough water to cover them. Cook over high heat untill it boils, then, cook over medium heat for 40~60 minutes. Once in 10 minutes, add 100cc water removing the scum periodicully.
  3. When the azuki become soft, cook over high heat and drain thoroughly. Then, add half suger mixing.
  4. Add rest suger and salt and mix. Turn off the heat and let azuki cool

B:How to cook kinako

  1. Add sugar and salt and mix.

C:How to cook mochi rice

  1. Wash mochi rice right before cook. When cooked,steam them.
  2. Add salt. Beat mochi rice with wet suriko-gi untill become like moti.
  3. Make mochi rice round like ping pong ball shape.

How to cook ohagi

  1. Anko/Put 1 tablespoons anko on hand. Then, put rounded mochi rice on anko,and rap.
  2. Kinako/Add 1 teaspoons anko in mochi rice. And cover kinako with mochi rice.
  3. Aonori/Same as kinako.

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