Beer in Kyoto

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We will introduce "Kirin Kyoto Beer Park" and the beers which are made there to you in this page.

"Kirin Kyoto Beer Park" was built in 1994, in order to let people in Kyoto have an opportunity to learn about beer in detail and commune with nature. In this place, you can drink delicious fresh beer and taste wonderful dishes. There are some fine facilities, for example, Japanese garden and restaurant "Karahana".


This is a small brewery built for the first time in Japan in 1988. This brewery brews beer on a tenth scale of regular brewery, and produces "No.1497" which is original beer in Kyoto and "KARAHANA 1200" which can be tasted in only this brewery. You can drink a glass of "KARAHANA 1200" for free there.

Brewery Tour

A lady who is called an "escort lady" guides you inside Kirin Beer Kyoto Factory for about one hour. She explains how beer is made from malt so you can enrich your knowledge.

・receiving time

・regular holiday
every Monday, the beginning and the end of the year
・how to inspect
You can inspect inside mini-brewery free. If your group is over 10 people and you wish a escort lady's guide inside whole factory, you have to make a reservation. If your group is under 10 people, you should join the regular tour which starts at 10:00, 11:00, 12:00, 13:00, 14:00 and 15:00. But there are no guide of factory on Saturday, Sunday and Monday.

Restaurant KARAHANA

"Karahana" is the name of hop in Japan which cannot be lacked in brewing beer. In this restaurant, you can drink many kinds of beer, for example, "KARAHANA 1200", "No.1497" and "Ad-lib Beer". Also you can taste many delicious dishes which match with beer well. You can see beautiful Japanese garden from the inside of this restaurant.


11:30-22:00 (order stop at 21:30)
・regular holiday
every Monday, the beginning and the end of the year

The Beers of Kyoto

I will introduce some kinds of beer made in this brewery.

・Kirin Lager Beer

This is very popular beer. The feature is matured and plain taste.
This beer isn't sold anywhere except here. This is an all malt type beer.
This beer is sold only in Kyoto Prefecture. The feature is soft and rich taste.
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