Sky Image at Koyama Astronomical Observatory

Last Update: Sun Apr 21 07:47:02 JST 2019

All Sky Camera

Between 6:00pm and 5:00am JST the camera will auto-upload images to the website every 5 minutes.

Previous images [pre1] [pre2] GIF Animation of the last 3 hours[about 15MB]

Cloud Sensor ..... Sorry, currently not available

Data Archive

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Current conditions

2019/04/21 07:38 JST Outside Inside
Temperature 15.0 C 20.5 C
Humidity 81 % (Outside1) 46 % (Dome) 41 % (WINERED2)
You MUST close the dome if (Outside1)>=90% or (WINERED2)>=80%.
Wind speed and direction 0.0 m/s W
Rain 0.0 mm/hrs
Air pressure 1016.0 hPa
Outside1 - VantagePro2 sensor on observatory roof
Outside2 - Wireless sensor near dome window
Dome - VantagePro2 sensor near dome entrance
ALDER - Wireless sensor attached to ADLER
LOSA/F2 - Wireless sensor on LOSA/F2 optical bench
WINERED1 - Wireless sensor on WINERED optical bench
WINERED2 - Wireless sensor on FLAT system rack

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Our sky monitor is set up on the rooftop of Koyama Astronomical Observatory [KAO blog.],
Kyoto Sangyo University, Japan. (since 2010/12/25)