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Retrieving Articles

There is currently only one active site for TESL-EJ articles:

Articles up to and including Volume 13, Number 1 (June 2009) may be accessed from the Kyoto, Japan site:

The following sites are no longer maintained, but articles appearing in Volumes 1-5 may still be accessed from them.


URL: (note the underscore!)

North America:

This site is no longer maintained, though issues 1.1 - 10.2 can be accessed here:


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RSS-aware programs are called news aggregators. My Yahoo! is one example of a news aggregator. If you have a My Yahoo! account you can add a link to TESL-EJ on your home page. Then, whenever we publish a new issue, the titles of the articles and links to our home page will appear on your My Yahoo! page. (There are many other aggregators; we're using Yahoo! as an example only.) In this way, you can subscribe without having to add your name to a mailing list. Although we do not distribute the names of our subscribers to anyone, some people still prefer to receive information via RSS feeds rather than subscriptions.

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