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Ingredients(4 servings)

250g sweet potatoes

40g sugar

1 teaspoon kanten powder



  1. Lay a paper in the lunch box to harden.


  1. Cut sweet potatoes into 3 cm pieces and peel. Soak in water for a while and drain. Remove water of sweet potatoes, put 200g of them into the bowl. Heat them for 4 minutes by the microwave oven.

  2. Crush the hot sweet potatoes by a whisk.
    Strain them by the strainer.

  3. Put 3/4 cup water, sugar, Kanten powder and a little salt into the pan and put it over the fire. After boiling up, put the crushed sweet potatoes into the pan. Stir the sweet potatoes. After boiling up again, put out the fire.

  4. Cool the pan in the water stirring by the wooden patula. After cooling down, put the sweet potatoes into the lunch box. Flatten and cool them. After hardening, cut them.

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