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Ingredients(2 servings)

150g burdock root ("gobo")
50g carrot
1 tablespoon sesame oil (or salad oil)
1 red pepper
a little roasted sesame
2 tablespoon soy
2 teaspoon sugar
2 teaspoon mirin(sweetened sake)
2 teaspoon sake


  1. Peel and cut the burdock into 5cm lengths, and then cut into small strips. Soak them in water to remove the harshness. Peel and cut the carrot into the same size as the burdock.
  2. Put burdock in the bamboo basket to drain.


  1. Put sesame oil in the pan and fry the burdock over high heat. Put carrots in the pan and fry lightly after the burdock has softened.

  2. Add the red pepper and seasoning and cook for 2-3 minutes over low heat.
    And then cook them over high heat again until soup is simmers. Remove the red pepper. Remove the seeds from the red pepper and cut it into round slices. Dish burdock and carrot up in a bowl and sprinkle the roast sesames and red pepper over it.

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