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Yuu Miri

Date of Birth 18th October 1970
Place of Birth Kanagawa

Yuu Miri was born in Yokohama in 1968. She is the eldest daughter of a Korean family.

In 1984, when she was a high school student, she dropped out Yokohama Kyouritu Gakuen High shool. In 1993, she won a prize at the 37th Kishida Kokugi Gikkyoku for her work "Carnival Of Fish.". After that, she went to"The Kid Brothers" in Tokyo. She formed 'Youth May Coterie'.

In1996, She wrote her first novel "Full House".(literature SHunshuu). By this work, she got the 24th Izumi Kyouka literature prize and the 18th Coma arts and literature new figure prize.

Next year, She was a 116th prize winner,for she wrote her second novel "Cinema Of Family"(startlingly company). This event was big matter for her. She was picked up by many newspapers and magazines. She was admired by other writer and famous people. However some people criticized her. For example, Sonority said 'She was a pessimist, especially for human righits. Nevertheless, she don't mind other people's opinion. She has original sense of values.

On the contrary, she will go on writing.

There are many works of her. For example, she wrote essay ,"A Sample Of Family"(Asahi Newspaper Company.), "Yuu Miri's Suicide", "A Dictionary Of After Human's Death",""From Store's window"etc "Grave Of A Flower", "Green Bench", new edition"A Festival Of A Horn".

Nowadays, old and young, man and woman read her works.

Try Me January 1995
Taiyo No Season April 1995
Stop The Music July 1995
Body Feels Exit October 1995
Chase The Chance December 1995
Don't Wanna Cry March 1996
Yor're My Sunshine June 1996
Sweet 19 Blues August 1996
A walk In The Park November 1996
Can You Celebrate? February 1997
How To Be A Girl May 1997
Dreaming I Was Dreaming November 1997
Can You Celebrate? December 25, 1997
Sweet 19 Blues July 22, 1996
Concentration 20 July 24, 1997

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Reported by: Noe Kobayashi
Data verified by: Aya Nakashima
Date of Report: November 1999
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