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Yusuke Santamaria

Date of Birth March 12, 1971
Place of Birth Kumamoto
Real Name Nakayama Yusuke

Yusuke Santamaria was born in Kumamoto but he said "I was born in New Jersey." He made his debut as a vocalist and an emcee of Bingo Bongo, a Latin music band, in April 1994. The debut album was "Wild Pitch". His big voice and original gag taste were well received. He is friendly and has a very high energy level.

He started to serve as a personality on the TV program "Asian Beat" and became famous among teenagers and young people.

In 1997, after Bingo Bongo had split up, he started a solo career. He also started to appear as a personality on some TV and radio programs. He then performed in the TV drama "Odoru Daisousasen", so he is an actor, as well. He is active as a musician, a comedian and an actor.

You may ask "Why is his name Yusuke Santamaria?". It is because Bingo Bongo was a Latin band and Latin bands had a showy image. Also, Yusuke's face and real name are simple, so he tried at least to change his name to a Latin name. He considered "Tito", "Gonzales" and so on, but "Santamaria" of Conga god's name, "Mongo Santamaria" is sexless and pretty, so he joined "Santamaria" and "Yusuke" of his real name.

He will be busy in November, because he has many live performances at university school festivals.

He makes regular appearances on many TV programs:

1."Shinbashi Music Hall" Every week Tuesday midnight 0:20-0:50
2. "Waratte Iitomo!" Every other Wednesday 12:00-13:00
3. "Papapapa Puffy" Wednesday 23:25-23:55. He is a semi-regular on this TV program.
4. "P-stock" Every week Friday 25:55-26:25
5. "Kiseki Taiken! Anbiribabou" Saturday 19:00-20:00. He is a semi-regular on this TV program.
6. "Sukapar" Every week from Friday to Sunday
7. "Denrikuyarou Elvis" Every week Sunday live broadcast

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This article compliments of Michael Shawback's Internet class at Ryukoku University, Kyoto

Reported by: Michiyo Goto
Data verified by: Junko Tanaka
Date of Report: October 1998

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