Famous People in Japan

Yoshimoto Banana

Date of Birth 24 July 1964
Original name Yoshimoto Maiko
Place of Birth Tokyo

Yoshimoto Banana has written many glorious books. She had read many books when she was a child, influenced by her father, Yoshimoto Takaaki who had been a bookreviewer. When she was twenty-two, she graduated from the art department at Nihon University. The next year, she was given the "New Prize for Literature" for "Kitchen" and the "Izumi Kyoka Prize" for "Moonlight shadow."

She won many prizes for "Utakata" and "Tugumi" one after another. Recentry, she was given the "Murasakishikibu Prize" for "Amurita". (Amurita means water of god).When the movie "Tugumi" was released, it became popular among the young people. In one popular novel, "Kitchen," she satisfied all her wants for food and sex by eating and sleeping at the kitchen, which was her most favorite place in this world. The world of her books always surrounded by death, but the heroines of them tried to live and recover themselves from the bottom of their loneliness.

There are not only the sadness of daily life but also some hopes in her books at the same time time. For example, friendship, future dreams, fraternal love, and family love. In her book, someone is in dark world, then someone help her or there is something to help.

She wrote many provocative books about incest and lesbianism. Her books always introduce new things to our pool of common knowledge.

References: Fukutake shoten "Kitchen"

Reported by: Inagaki Akiko
Data verified by: Gotou Yuki
Date of Report: November 1995
Updated by: Ito Junko October, 1997
Updated by: Miyuki Nakanishi, October 1998

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