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Date of Birth 5 October 1980
Place of Birth Osaka

Yoppy is a comedienne of the Yoshimoto Performance Company and a model. Her real name is Yoshiko Yamamoto. Her blood type is A. She is 152 centimeters tall, and she weights 40 kilograms. Her hobby is playing badminton and playing the flute.

When she was in the fifth grade of primary school, she began to go to talent school. After she gave up the school, she became a member of "Osaka Performance Doll". Then she began to appear on TV. She began to be a model in fashion magazines for young women in 1998.

She appears on TV commercials for the drug store, "Kokumin". She also appears on TV programs, for example, "GET!" of MBS, "Music Index PANDA" of Space Shower TV and "Weekend JOY" of NHK-BS. She is also a very famous model in some fashion magazines, "Zipper", "CUTiE" and so on.

Yoppy is loved by many girls the same age as she. All expect her success in the future.

You can see her here!! >>> http://www.yoppy.ne.jp/

References: CUTiE(Takarajimassha), Zipper(Shoudensha)

Reported by: Yukiko Nakajima
Data verified by: Mitsuko Yamaguchi
Date of Report: December 2000
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