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The Yellow Monkey

Name Kazuya Yoshii Kikuchi Eiji Youichi Hirose Kikuchi Hideaki
Date of Birth October 8, 1966

July 6, 1966

April 19, 1963 December 7, 1964

Position Vocal


Bass Guitar
Blood type A



The Yellow Monkey is a rock music group. It consists of four members. They are one of the most famous groups in Japan now.

The Yellow Monkey was organized in 1989. They have performed many concerts in various places. In 1991 They made their major debut and they released their first single " Romantist Taste ".

The members of The Yellow Monkey have been good friends. Guitarist, Eiji Kikuchi, and Drummer, Hideaki Kikuchi, are brothers. Youichi Hirose is a very interesting man and he always talks a lot everywhere. Kazuya Yoshii looks like a strange man except when he sings. He said " The Yellow Monkey saved my life...."

The Yellow monkey gradually became popular. Their popularity spread all over Japan, when they released their most important work " Jam " in 1996.

Many things were required of The Yellow Monkey after 1996, and they did all of them. However, their beliefs have not changed. They love music! Their dream is to impress us directly.

The Yellow Monkey have performed concerts 113 times all over Japan since last year. This shows that they are a true rock music group.

The Yellow Monkey never tell lies. Their words are composed of only truth. They show human's desire, disappointment, fear, and beauty. For example, " Love Sauce " shows man's honest feeling.

These are only parts of their attraction. If you are interested in "The Yellow Monkey", please listen their music and find out for yourself.

My favorite songs
Suck of life
love Sauce
Second Cry

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Reported by: Tomofumi Sawada
Data verified by: Hirohisa Taguchi
Date of Report: November 1999
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