Famous People in Japan

Yazawa Eikichi

Date of Birth 14 September 1949
Place of Birth Hiroshima

Yazawa Eikichi is a rock singer. He has been interested in music since his youth. After he graduated from Hiroshima Ichiritsu High School, he went to Yokohama. In 1972 he made his debut as a vocalist in a rock band named 'Carol'. His hair was 'Reezent' and wore 'Kawa-Jan', and he had the enthusiastic support of the young people.

After Carol was disbanded, he went solo. In 1979 'Jikanyotomare' sold a million CDs, and 'Nariagari' which was his autobiography sold seven hundred thousand copies. He started an action since 1981, and organized a band with members of the former 'Duubee Brothers'. In 1988 he moved his office from 'Waanaa Pioneer' to 'Toshiba'.

He hates the mass media very much, and he hadn't appeared on TV for a long time.. But in 1993 he appeared on TV commercial of a canned coffee and appeared on the TV drama in a leading part. He played a high school teacher in the drama, and sang the theme music 'Ariyosaraba' and 'Itsunohika'. In 1997 he sang the theme music of 'Doraemon Nobita no Nejimakitoshiboukenki','Love is you', and was the talk of the town. And October, 1997 he sold his best album which was separated into three parts, 1970th, 1980th, 1990th.

Since he made his debut, he has been a popular singer, and has many fans, who admire and imitate him.

References: Gendai Nihon Jinmeiroku 98

Reported by: Tsuchikawa Kayoko
Data verified by: Itsumi Asako
Date of Report: July 1998

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