Famous People in Japan

Yano Akihiro

Date of Birth 6 December 1968
Place of Birth Osaka
Real Name Yano Akihiro

He is professional baseball Player. He plays catcher on the Hanshin Tigers and wears number '39'. He attended to Sakuranomiya High School and entered Tohoku Fukushi University. After graduated this university, he entered Chunichi Dragons in 1990 with second place in the draft and moved to Hanshin Tigers in 1998. He is a man of great mental vigor and handsome so many women are fascinated by him. The following line is from a song supporting him.

Wakitatsu daichi ni
Hikaru Otoko
Mouko no Kaname Yano
Nerai uti

*translation of this song
in ground that is up
brilliant man
key man of Hanshin Tigers ,Yano
hit a ball

References: http://www.kumagaya.or.jp/~tigers/
Reported by: Rie Hattori
Checked by: Eri Tanabe
Date of Report: June 2004

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