Famous People in Japan

Yanagisawa Atsushi

Date of Birth 27 May 1977
Place of Birth Toyama

Yanagisawa Atsushi was born in Toyama on May 27 in 1977. His position is striker. His uniform number is 13

When he was a schoolbooy, he started a soccer. It's because of his friends that he started to play soccer. When he was in the fifth grade, his talent was estimated highly. He was selected as the Toyama representative member.

When he was 15 years old, he visited Uruguay with a high school soccer team. He went on to Toyama Daiichi High schoool. When he was a junior in high school, he was selected as the representative from under-19 players. His skill attracted Japanese soccer world's attention.

He joined the Kasima Antlers in 1995. He is expected to be Jico's successor. He has the following good points. 1. He can shoot by both feet. 2. He has great spiritual strength. 3.To dribble is excellent. 4. He is very tough on one-to-one

He has a task. He must master feints. If he can do it, he'll be the international player. He has the following sound thoughts about striker. [.A role of striker doesn't aim for a goal.] [.Striker should offer good play to win the game.]

He is the Japanese representative player of Sydney Olympics. He will do just what we hope. He must lead Japanese soccer. He is a necessary person for Japanese soccer.

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Reported by: Mari Nagata
Data verified by: Kaori Ezima
Date of Report: November 1999