Famous People in Japan

Yanagiba Toshiro

Date of Birth January 3, 1961
Place of Birth Akita

Yanagiba Toshiro, which is his real name, is a very good actor. His height is 171 cm., and his foot size is 25.5 cm. His hobbies are skiing, tennis, golf and baseball. His favorite foods are tarako and oshinko and liquor, but he is a bad drunk. His favorite girls are perfect girls.

He belonged to Gekiotoko Isseifubi, a musical group. This group sold a lot of CDs. He is a musician, too. His CDs and live videos sell well. When this group broke up, Yanagiba became an actor, so he works hard as an actor or a musician in the entertainment world. He appears on a lot of TV programs and dramas. Recently, his popularity is rising steadily. He appears in many TV dramas. First, he appeared in "Mansaku no Hana" in 1981. This story was about three sisters and their father. It was long drama on NHK through six months. In 1986, he appeared in two dramas. After that, he appeared every year.

He also appears in many movies. He got the New Star Prize in 1986. He has twenty-two movies from his debut to 1998. And, this year, he will appear in a new movie, "Odoru Daisousasen." It was a TV drama, but it became a movie now. He is a criminal man in this movie. It will be released October 31.

He married on April 12, 1997 in Hawaii. His wife is very beautiful. I do not know if his wife is a perfect girl, but I expect as much from Yanagiba Toshiro.

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This article compliments of Michael Shawback's Internet class at Ryukoku University, Kyoto

Reported by: Oji Yukiko
Data verified by: Umeda Yusuke
Date of Report: October 1998

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