Famous People in Japan

Yamazaki Masayoshi

Date of Birth 23 December 1971
Place of Birth Shiga

Yamazaki Masayoshi is a singer who writes the words and composes his own songs.

He always wears casual clothes like T-shirts and jeans. And his trademark is his naturally curly hair. He creates an approachable atmosphere with his warm personality. There is no unpleasant gossip about him up to now.

He was born in Shiga, so, there is a Kansai accent in his speech. When he was twenty-two years old, he came to Tokyo. He made his debut as a singer in 1995. His first single was "Tukiakari ni Terasarete." In 1996 he was promoted to the leading part in the film, which title was "Tuki to Kyabetsu." And he took charge of the theme song of the movie. The Same year, he appeared on the radio program "MUSIC GUMBO." He serves as the radio personality on Monday. He is a good talker.

He has released six singles and four albums. One of his attractions is his unique voice. He can play guitar, too.

His masterpieces are "Celery," "One more time One more chance," and "Adrenaline." He offered "Adrenaline" to SMAP, and he of course sings the song, too.

He already has a lot of fans, and their number will surely continue to increase.

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References: "Kansai Walker"

Reported by: Matsuo Yuko
Data verified by: Mizutani Yuko
Date of Report: July 1998

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