Famous People in Japan

Yamamoto Yohji

Date of Birth 1943
Place of Birth Tokyo

Yamamoto Yohji is one of the top designers in Japan to the world. He entered Keio University.He entered a famous school of design called "Bunka Fukusou Gakuen". Recently, Takahashi Jun graduated from this school. He now is supported by many young people. When he was in this school, he created clothes named "Under Cover".

After Yohji graduated from this school, he went to France. His first line of clothes in his life as a designer was called "Y's".

After some years, he created clothes named "Yohji Yamamoto". And he showed his collection in Paris. As same time, Rei Kawakubo, another famous designer, also showed her collection. Her clothes are named "Comme des Garcons". Those shows did not gain a reputation in Europe. But it was highly regarded in America. The two people are Japanese top designers.

His clothes are made big. so it is possible for all people to wear them. Black is his clothes' dominant color.

His shop is veiled in heavy airs. And staff is too, but this is sales the point, I think.

Since his clothes have strong characters, they are difficult to wear.

Reported by: Ohtsuji Rikiya
Data verified by: Takeno Miyuki
Date of Report: July 1998
Updated by: Hironori Yoshida, July 2002

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