Famous People in Japan

Yamaguchi Tomoko

Date of Birth October 20, 1964
Place of Birth Tochigi

Yamaguchi Tomoko is a famous actress. In any magazine survey, she always ranks high, in categories such as the woman who people want to have as their superior, the most fashionable woman, or the woman who is good at makeup and so on.

She was a fashion magazine model when she was a college student, was scouted and became an actress. First she acted the heroine in a TV drama series. But she wasn't noticed so much. It was about five years ago when she finally came to attract people's attention. She had worn her hair long since her debut,but at that time she had it cut short to act as a wicked woman in a drama. Since then she gradually came to be conspicuous.

Now she takes many kinds the part of woman including comical ones and has a lot of female fans because she is very frank. And she has kept her nice body and smooth skin since her model age, so we can see her in some commercials particularly for clothes and cosmetics. In her private life,in 1996 she married with Toshiaki Karasawa who is famous actor . They has loved since she made her debut as actress.

References: JUNON

Reported by: Miki Takae
Data verified by: Yoshida Sachiko
Date of Report: October 1995

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