Famous People in Japan

Yamada Taichi

Date of Birth 6 june 1934
Place of Birth Tokyo

Taichi Yamada is a scenario writer. He watches people and writes about their daily life. His works express a man' s essential nature.

In 1958 he entered the "Shochiku" movie company and followed his master Keisuke Kinoshita. After seven years, he became independent of his master, and wrote "Fuzoroino Ringotachi" ("Apple of different sizes"). This story' s heroes are students of a university who groping to find meaning in their lives. This TV program is very famous,especially among young people.

At the same time he won a prize as a new and powerful writer. He wrote the scenarios for many films including "Otokotachino Tabiji"("The travels of men"), "America Monogatari"("American story") and "Omoide Zukuri"("Making remembrances").

Now he writes scenarios for TV. When he belonged to the Shochiku movie company, his literary style was formal, but now his works, are more relaxed.

References: Gendai Nihonjinmeiroku, 1994 p.1473

Reported by: Mineyo Morita
Data verified by: Akane Kodama
Date of Report: November 1995

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