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Yamada Mariya

Date of Birth 5 March 1980
Place of Birth Aichi

Yamada Mariya is a very pretty girl. Her hobby is shopping. She has big eyes. She looks a little fat, but many fans hope her not to lose weight, because it is one of her charms.

When she was a child, her parents divorced. The main reason of the divorce was her father's violence. He had beaten her mother every day. So Mariya made her mother part from him, and she decided to support her mother and brother. She has lived with them since then. And now she supports them with her income.

At first, she made her debut as a bathing suits model, because of her big breasts. But she performs in TV as an entertainer recently, and she perform in many TV programs, for example, "Super Jockey" and "Star Dokkiri Maruhi Houkoku". Also she performs in many TV commercials and sings some songs. She had published only some photo books, but she published her first real book the other day.

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Reported by: Shimada Masato
Data verified by: Yamamoto Makoto
Date of Report: December 1998

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