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Yamada Kuniko

Date of Birth 13 June 1960
Place of Birth Tokyo

Yamada Kuniko had a chance to become a TV talent when she joined an old TV program named "Waratteru-bai desuyo (Fuji TV)" as an amateur entertainer. Now, she is a very popular TV personality and takes many active parts in several entertainment fields because of her warm and cheerful character.

She became famous performing many TV programs such as "Oretachi hyokin-zoku (TV Asahi)," "Bakusho ikkizoku," and in those days, to many peoples' surprise she had her hair cut close saving hair in the shape of lightening!

She has succeeded as a singer as well. When she had a program named "Kuni-chan no yamada katsutenai TV (Fuji TV)," she formed a pair named Yamakatsu-Wink with Yokoyama Chie who'd been selected from a lot of applicants, and published some popular songs such as "Sayonara dakedo Sayonara janai",and "T intersection."

She also appeared in some movies such as "Yamada baba ni hanataba-o," "Kimi wa boku-o suki-ni naru," and also in some dramas. Especially this year,1995, she acted Yoshimune's mother well in Taiga-drama,"Hachidai shogun Yoshimune (NHK)."

Then, she came known for losing 10kg to become more charming.

She continues to be active. But, recently she was very shocked because of her father's sudden death. She loved her father very much. She often said that on TV.

References: Gendai Nihonjinmeiroku, 1994

Reported by: Yumi Okuno
Data verified by: Kaori Nagato
Date of Report: November 1995 Updated by: Yoshimi Morikawa October, 1997
Updated by: Naomi Satou, May 1998

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