Famous People in Japan

Yamada Hanako

Date of Birth 10 March 1975
Place of Birth Osaka
Real Name Watanabe Kyoko

Yamada Hanako belongs to Yoshimoto Kogyo, and she is a member of Yoshimoto Shin-Kigeki. She is a famous and popular comedian in it.

She wanted to become a professional wrestler. But she got injured in a match, and she couldn't continue to wrestle anymore.

Yoshimoto Shin-Kigeki had given performances only in Osaka, so it had been famous and popular only in Osaka. Recently it started to give performances in Tokyo and in the world. She becomes one of the most famous and popular comedians in it. She is what draws people into the Yoshimoto Shin-Kigeki.

Last year she appeared in a TV drama for the first time. Now she is appearing on TV program "Waratte Iitomo" every week. She is appearing on many TV commercial films and TV programs. Her typical commercial film is a washer for toilets. This is that she wears a costume like a reccoon, and that she washes a toilet while singing.

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Reported by: Someya Nana
Data verified by: Baba Yuki
Date of Report: January 1999

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