Famous People in Japan

Yamada Eimi

Date of Birth 8 February, 1959
Place of Birth Tokyo
Real Name v

Yamada Eimi is one of Japan's great writers. She entered one of the famous private schools, Meiji University, but she dropped out before graduating. There, she belonged to the comic club, and she made her debut as a cartoonist with "Suger Bar" in 1981. But soon she stopped that because she knew that she was not good at drawing. After that, she became a writer.

She has won the literary-prize with the work ³Bed Time Eyes². Then, She has received the following awards; Naoki-prize with the work ³Soul Music Loves Only², Hirabayashi Taiko-prize with the work ³Class Of A Funeral², and woman's literary-prize with the work ³Trash². And she was also nominee for the Akutagawa Prize twice before.

One of interpreters say that Yamada Eimi is a great writer who has a wonderful sensitivity, and that she makes us think of the meaning ³Crazy about you² unconsciously. She writes her works very bold, and it is said that she is a unique personality in the literary world She writes about many kinds of love stories, and the persons in her works are always filled with the feeling of jealous,

passion, imagination, pleasure, etc. Every time you read, you will be fascinated her great, individual sensitivity, though the expressions of her works may be a little strong for young people.

References: "The writer, Yamada Eimi" written by Fujita Eriko

Reported by: Fujita Eriko
Data verified by: Tanaka Akiko
Date of Report: July 1996

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