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Yakusho Koji

Date of Birth 1956
Place of Birth Nagasaki

Yakusho Koji is a famous actor. In 1956 he was born in Nagasaki. He was dreaming of becoming an actor.

At first Koji was working at the ward office in Nagasaki. When he watched a stage drama, "Donzoko" by Nakadai Tatsuya, he decided to aim at becoming an actor.

In 1978 Koji passed "Mumeijyuku", which was the training school for actors. In 1980 he made his debut in NHK drama on TV. In 1983 he acted as Oda Nobunaga in "Tokugawa Ieyasu" of NHK saga drama, when he won popularity.

After that, he appeared on TV drama, "Miyamoto Musashi" and "Sanbikigakiru", and on the stage, "Tsubakihime" and "Shuchakueki". He also played the leading part in the movie, "Shall we dance?" in 1996 and "Shiturakuen", which was a hit in 1997.

Therefore, Koji became a star in "Unagi", which got the grand prize in the movie festival in Cannes. Since then, his popularity increases rapidly, and now he is one of the most noteworthy actors internationally. Many prizes he got show it very well. In his private life, in 1982, he married Saeko Kawatsu, who is an actress and was Koji's 'senpai' in "Mumeijyuku".

References: "Imidas '98"

Reported by: Hitomi Imanishi
Data verified by: Maiko Aiba
Date of Report: January 1998
Updated by: Miyuki TakenoMay 1998

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