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Yaida Hitomi

Date of Birth 1978
Place of Birth Osaka

Yaida Hitomi's common name is "Yaiko". She graduated from the Kansai University.

She came out with the maxi single "Howing" of Kansai limited sale in May, 2000 from an independent label " blue sky records". After that she contracted with Toshiba-EMI Virgin International. A glaringly vivid major debut is achieved by the maxi single "B'coz I Love You" on July 12.

The single "My Sweet Darlin" of a release entered the single chart first appearance TOP 10 on October 4, 2000. And her first album "Daiya-monde" was released on October 25 and amazed everyone by reaching the top position even through it was her first release.

She stopped her activities temporarily in order to concentrate on studies such as her graduation thesis after an album release.

She started first national tour after she graduated from the university. After that she is keeping active as a musician.

Howing 2000
B'coz I Love You 2000
my sweet darlin' 2000
I'm here saying nothing 2001
Look Back Again/Over The Distance 2001

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Reported by: Kaori Tada
Data verified by: Masami Yamashita
Date of Report: November 2001

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