Famous People in Japan

Yabu Keiichi

Date of Birth 28 September 1968
Place of Birth Mie

Keiichi Yabu is baseball player on the Hanshin Tigers. He joined the team and was the ace of the team between several years. However, the past several years, results cannot be achieved and the seat is yielded to@Igawa.

He graduated from the Singuu High School and went to Tokyo Keizai University.

Then, he joined Asahi Seimei. He got 36 victories for them.

He acceded to Hanshin in 1993. And he was chosen as the rookie of the year. After Yabu joined , the Tigers' batting lineup was weak in several years. Therefore, even if the ace's Yabu pitched well, it was not blessed with support of a batting lineup and the victory was not able to be gathered in many cases.

While having repeated such circulation, Yabu broke down the rhythm of pitching, the case of a batting lineup whose post a itself is devoted to a partner team in an early time, and is left even if it strikes and does not strike began to increase, and Yabu lost confidence.

He played an active part from his 1st year, and he won the rookie of the year,and was the leader in the number of bases stolen in Central League, and awarded Golden Glove Award.


Reported by: Shun Kamidaira
Data verified by: Rie Hattori
Date of Report: July 2004

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