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Watase Maki

Date of Birth 22 February 1967
Place of Birth Toba, Mie Prefecture

She is a vocalist of LINDBERG, a Japanese rock band. She is very popular becouse of her character and also her Toba dialect.

She went to Tokyo and won the "1989 Miss Young Jump Queen Contest" when she was nineteen years old. She got the chance to make her debut and released "Pearl-mond Kiss". She released two single records as an young pops singer but they didn't sell well. She wanted to change her style to rock.

In 1988, she met Tatsuya Hirakawa, Masanori Koyanagi, and Tomohisa Kawazoe, and they organized LINDBERG. They released "ROUTE 246" as their debut in 1989.

In 1990, their second single "Imasugu Kiss Me" was used as the theme song of "Sekaide-ichiban-kimiga-ski!", a TV drama televised on FUJI TV, It was a big hit. The song was number one for three weeks on the Oricon Singles Chart. They became one of the popular bands in Japan since then.

They released 23 singles, included these hit songs. They also have released 11 original albums, and 2 mini albums.

In 1992, "Koi o shiyouyo, Yeah! Yeah!"

In 1995, "Motto aishi aimasho"

In 1996, "every little thing every precious thing" The two best albums are:

In 1992, "FRIGHT RECORDER 1989-1992 ~LITTLE WING~"


Watase Maki released two solo albums.

In 1995, "message d' amour" In 1997, "double berry"

1998 is the tenth anniversary of LINDBERG.

Watase Maki sang about courage, hope, and persistence in her own words in the early years of LINDBERG. She encouraged their fans. In recent years, she has sung much about a woman in love, which has gained the sympathy of many girls and women.

Last year, she married Tatsuya Hirakawa the guitarist of LINDBERG.

The official home page of LINDBERG http://www.lindberg.co.jp


Reported by: Yoshikawa Ai
Data verified by: Hashimoto Ryoko
Date of Report: July 1998

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