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Watabe Atsuro

Date of Birth 5 May 1968
Place of Birth Tokyo

He is a famous actor. When he was a high school student, he got interested in acting. After he graduated, he belonged to a troupe. He played many roles on the stage. He changed his name to Atsuro from Atsushi.

Then he made his debut in the drama ,"Seisyun no mon" (The gate of youth) in 1991, but he didn't win popularity immediately, because he just appeared in a movie once a year. Of course, he was not able to get enough money, so he had to do part time jobs for a few years.

His wife Rikako Murakami is a TV performer. In 1993, they played together in a drama "Shonan Syoshiryo Monogatari"(Shonan Women's Dormitory Story). They soon fell in love and married in 1994. Then he was an unknown actor, so they made ends meet on a small salary. After that they had two children. Now, h e appears on a commercial as a good father.

He won the award for "Best Leading Actor" and "Best New Actor" in the movie"Shizukana Seikatsu" (The Calm Life) in 1995. He was the youngest actor to win the award at that time. Then he played a role of the handicapped in the movie. People began watch his acting.

After that he appeared on many TV dramas. He gives wonderful performances, and his peformances are prized very highly.

Hashino Nai kawa 1992
Nurse Call 1993
Niji no Hashi 1993
Shizukana Seikatsu 1995
Swallowtail 1996
Aisuru 1997
Joker Yakubyougami 1998
Heatafter dark 1999
Keizoku 2000
Inugami 2001
TV Dramas
Siosyun no Mon 1991
Syounan Jyoshiryo Monogatari 1993
Ai no Tenshi 1994
Tsuki no Fune 1996
Gekai Hiiragi Matasaburo 2 1996
Stulker Nigekirenu ai 1997
Love Again 1998
Keizoku 1999
Beautiful Life 2000
Eien no Ko 2000

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Reported by: Chise Okumura
Data verified by: Mayumi Ishikawa
Date of Report: October 2000
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