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Wakui Emi

Date of Birth 8 December 1970
Place of Birth Yokohama

Emi Wakui is one of the most popular actresses Japan today.

She was scouted when she was 16 and entered show business.

After various training, she debuted as a singer in June of 1990. Her first song was "My Lonely Good-bye Club" and she completed her first CD album, "FLOLA".

She has appeared on the TV dramas, "Suwan-no Namida", "aishi-atterukai?" and "Itsukamitasora", and appeared on the screen "Boku-to bokura no Natsu" and "Musuko".

In 1996, she appeared on the TV dramas, "Imoto-yo" and "Pure". In the fall, she also appeared on the screen in, "Birthday Present". She appeared in movies "Niji no Hashi" and "Angel". The happiest event of this year was having married Masato Hagiwara, who is a popular actor.

Her image is thought to be graceful and intellectual because she always talks politely and keeps her presence of mind. She is thought to be a good person, so she is liked by everyone. Whenever popularity votes are held, she never fails to rank high.

References: Jinmei Jiten

Reported by: Ymazoe Megumi
Data verified by: Kato Yukiko
Date of Report: July 1996
Updated by: Kayo Kawahara , May 1998

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