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Wada Yutaka

Date of Birth 2 September 1962
Place of Birth Chiba

Wada Yutaka had been a professional baseball player until this year. October 1, 2001 he retired after 17 years. He belonged to the Hanshin Tigers. His height is 174cm, and his weight is 72kg. It was also the year in which the Tigers won the victory for the first time in 15 years in that year. He began baseball under the influence of his father from the time of childhood. It was autumn of the first-year student in a junior high school that he was able to begin baseball completely. At the time of a third grader, he got a position of short stop and was the No. 3 batter. Then he went on to the Abiko high school with the dream of the Koshien participation in an entrance as well as the dream of becoming a teacher in the future.

- Abiko high school days -

As the result of midnight practice every day, and every day, his team was able to participate in Koshien. It is the yearning of every high school boy baseball player. The Koshien first participation was a bitter experience. His team was defeated in the first round. However, his effort was substantial. Soon, there was also recommendation of a supervisor and he went to Nihon University.

- Nihon University era -

He became the leading hitter in a Tohto university league. In addition, he was elected as the member of Japan-U.S. baseball after his junior year season. It was also elected as the Japan representative of Los Angeles Olympic Games, and he won a brilliant gold medal.

- Hanshin Tigers era -

Still more, it is the large turning point of life for him. He had many choices to be a nonprofessional, a gymnastics teacher or professional baseball player. He was drafted by the Hanshin Tigers in 1985 as their 3rd choice. The league championship whose Tigers is the first time in 21 years and Tigers shone also with No.1 of Japan. He was the last V fighter. Henceforth, he was fixed to the first team from the first year, mastered opposite-field hitting, and has played an active part for years. It is 4 year [ containing a pro ] fixed to an immovable No. 2 regular, and is called a "boy party." In October 1, 2001 he removed the uniform of the back number 6 and he took an additional post of a hitting coach in order to take over to young players his property of the name called "technology of a craftsman".

- Activity list . record -

First participation 1985 7 11 1000 game participation 1994.10.4
1500 game participation 1999.4.18 1500 game participation 1999.4.18
A first hit and first RBI 1985.7.17 1000 hits 1994.7.26
1500 hits 1998.5.23 Opening 24 game hitting streak 1997 (new national record)
First home run 1987.8.21 The season most sacrifice hits 1988 (56)
All game participation 1992&1994&1995&1996 Best nine (Second baseman) 1992&1994
Golden Glove Award (Second baseman) 1992&1993&1994 All star participation 1989&1992&1993&1994&1995&1996&1999

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Reported by: Nakano Masafumi
Data verified by: Yosikawa Misa
Date of Report: November 2001
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