Famous People in Japan

Wada Tsuyoshi

Date of Birth 21 February, 1978
Place of Birth Aichi

When Wada was 6 years old, he insisted he wanted to play baseball, so he became a member of baseball club in his town. When he was 10 years old, he moved to Shimane Prefecture. When he was junior high school student, he served as pitcher and outfielder.

Then he entered Hamada High School. and when he was there, he participated in twice "Koshien" which is the National High School Baseball Tournament.

Then he entered Waseda University. When he was in the spring of his senior year, he overcame six universities of Tokyo as the ace. In the fall, He broke the record of Suguru Egawa's strikeout record. He struck out 476 in total.

At the end of his campus life, the Fukuoka Daiei Hawks, which is a professional baseball team, drafted him. He had became a professional baseball player as a pitcher. The year before last, he was elected "Rookie of the year."

References: http://www.watti21.net/
Reported by: Ayako Yanai
Checked by:Saori Kurokawa
Date of Report: 6 July 2004

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