Famous People in Japan

Utada Hikaru

Date of Birth 19 January 1983
Place of Birth New York

Utada Hikaru is a famous Japanese musician. Her debut song was "Automatic". She released it on December 9th 1998. This song became a great hit. She suddenly became a very famous girl. She was only 16 years old.

Her next single song was "Movin'on Without You". This song also recorded big sales. Before long, she released first album "First Love". The sales of this album are far in excess of five million records. After that she released a single record "First Love" that was in her album "First Love". This song is used for the theme song of the television drama "Majonojouken". Now she is a big star.

Her mother is a Japanese famous "enka" (Japanese Chanson) musician "Fuji Keiko". Hikaru began to make melodies and lyrics earnestly from 10 years old. In addition, she made her debut as Cubic U in New York. Before long She also made her debut as a singer named Utada Hikaru last year. However her character is just an ordinary girl like us.

References: Home page of Utada Hikaru

Reported by: Ayako Nakashima
Data verified by: Kazuyo Okano
Date of Report: November 1999