Famous People in Japan

Uno Sousuke

Date of Birth August 27th, 1922
Place of Birth Shiga

Uno Sousuke is famous in Japan because of having once served as prime minister. He was born as the oldest son of the owner of a liquor shop. He graduated from Hikone Shogyo High School in 1943. After his graduation, he entered Kobe Shogyo University. To his great sadness, he had to drop out of the university because of World War Two. Later, he served in several managerial posts, such as the Director General of the Science and Technology Agency, and the Defense Agency.

He is also known as a good writer of haiku which is a seventeen-syllable short poem written in a five-seven-five pattern.

The reason I want to tell about him is that both he and I were born in Moriyama, Shiga. Though he had to retire from the role of a prime minister soon, people in Moriyama hope he will be active again.

References: Gendai Nihonjin Meiroku 94

Reported by: Kitanaka Hiromi
Data verified by: Nagata Akiyo
Date of Report: July 1996

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