Famous People in Japan

Umemiya Tatsuo

Date of Birth 11 March 1938
Place of Birth Harping city in old Manchuria

Umemiya Tatsuo is an actor, but now, he is famous as an expert of fishing and cooking, which are his hobbies. He owns pickle store and croquette store, then plays the commercials for food. Besides, he has appeared the cooking battle program, "The Iron Man of Cooking"

He dropped out of Nihon University, and he joined the talent school, Toei New Face. And in 1959, he made his debut with "Boys Detective Group. The Enemy is Atomic Submarine". After that, he has walked on the way to stardom of an actor. Then, he appeared in the series "Bad Leader of a Group" and "The Night Emperor". Recently, he plays supporting parts, and is showing his quiet charm on movies about gangsters, a history play and television.

In 1968, he got married to a hostess from the Ginza, Setsuko Daimon. Then, he divorced her the next year. In 1972, he got married again to an American woman who was a fashion model before, and she is his present wife. They are getting along well.

Recently, he is one of the people who is in the public eye, because of his daughter, Anna. She is a top model, and has a boyfriend, Haga Kenji. They are creating quite a sensation with their love affair. He is nervous about them. So now, he is a synonym for a Japanese father. He is popular from adults to children, and we expect his active more from now on, too!

References: "The modern Japanese Who's Who" written by Toshio Otaka

Reported by: Tanaka Akiko
Data verified by: Toyama Hiromi
Date of Report: September 1996

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