Famous People in Japan

Umemiya Anna

Date of Birth 20 August 1972
Place of Birth Tokyo

Umemiya Anna is in full activity as a model and a TV personality in Japan. She appears on the cover of fashion magazines such as "JJ" or "Can Cam". She is a fashion leader among young Japanese women now.

She, herself, likes doing exercise. And she brought out an exercise video called "EX-ANNA" in 1998. The total body shape exercise was recorded on this video. She has kept her nice body thanks to this exercise.

She was dating Haga Kenji, but they separated in February, 1999. She didn't seem to affect her much and now she is active on TV and in fashion magazines as a model. These days, she is the center of attention and there has been demands for her to appear on dramas, movies and many commercials.

She appeared on drama "Coming Home" as a guest. It was the program that where her father, Umemiya Tatsuo, and Tokiwa Takako appeared together. She is now learning a performance so that she can appear on serial drama.

Every women aspires to her beauty and her style. But on the other hand, she is very frank. This is one reason why she is popular among young women.

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Reported by: Kawamura Sachika
Data verified by: Kawaguchi Ayami
Date of Report: December 1999

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