Famous People in Japan


Name Date of Birth Place of Birth
Tortoise Matsumoto 28 December 1966 Hyogo
Ulful Keisuke 23 May 1965 Osaka
Sakon Jr. 13 September 1970 Osaka
John B Chopper 4 November 1967 Osaka

ULFULS is a popular rock group. Their name "ULFULS" comes from the word "soulful". They organized themselves 10 years ago in Osaka. Since then, they have been playing rock music around Japan. When they started it, they believed they would become popular soon. They were full of confidence. But they didn't. They lived a poor life for years.

Now, women in Japan are moved by these four persons. All women must have felt their heart throbbing by listening to the big hit song, " Banzai ~ suki de yokatta ~ ". In " Gattsu daze!!", ULFULS have become popular with people without regard to age or sex. They have the power that could overcome adversity, and have the boldness that tell us the realities straight. They bravely reveal all of themselves. In addition, they have surprise, too. They have been attracting their fans with their skillful sense like above.

ULFULS makes high spirit songs one after another, and they always give us unexpected impressions. I am looking forward to their future.

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Reported by: Akiko Tanaka
Data verified by: Eriko Fujita
Date of Report: July 1996
Updated by: Kayoko Tsuchikawa, May 1998

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