Famous People in Japan

Uehara Koji

Date of Birth 3 April 1975
Place of Birth Osaka

Koji Uehara is a famous baseball player who plays pitcher for the Yomiuri Giants. He is 186 centimeters tall and weighs 80 kilograms. Now he lives in a dormitory.

When he was a primary school student, he began to play baseball because he was influenced by his brother playing baseball.His junior high school does not have baseball club, so he joined track and field club. Then he went to Tokaidai Gyosei High School and joined baseball club. At that time his position was center, after that he played pitcher. He failed the examination of Osaka Taiiku University. The next year he passed the test and he joined baseball club and played pitcher.

In 1998, he was picked as first choice draft and joined the Yomiuri Giants. He appeared in the game against the Hanshin Tigers on April 4 for the first time, but he could not win. This year he got 20 wins.

As his wish, his uniform number is 19 because he want to remember that he felt suffering and effort when he was 19 years old.

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Reported by: Megumi Saeki
Data verified by: Megumi Yamada
Date of Report: December 13, 1999

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