Famous People in Japan

Uchida Yuki

Date of Birth 16 November 1974
Place of Birth Tokyo

Uchida Yuki became famous after her TV commercials started. The first impression of her is "refreshing and healthy." So, most of her TV commercials are related to soft drinks, health foods, and so on. For some reason her character, boyish as well as girlish, gives us a friendly impression, so she became popular with Japanese regardless of their sex and age.

She is also an actress. So far, she has appeared in 5 dramas, and in one of them she played the leading part. She seems to be really enjoy playing her roles. Her hair style, short and slightly brown, is in fashion among young girls.

She is a singer as well as an actress. So far, she has released 2 albums and 4 singles. Frankly speaking, her voice is not so good, but it seems to have improved recently. She is a very promising young woman.

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Reported by: Kazuyo Yoshida
Data verified by: Mariko Matano
Date of Report: November 1995

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