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Original name Kaori Shima
Date of Birth 11 March 1972
Place of Birth Osaka

UA is a very popular singer. She is 24 years old. She has a specific voice, and atmosphere. UA has an unusual name. It means a flower and death in Swahili. She was born and grew up in Osaka. After she graduated from Saga Art College in Kyoto, she worked singing at a lounge of jazz in Osaka. She was scouted out there. Then she made her debut by Hiroshi Fujiwara produced. She gathered popularity by degrees. Jounetsu (enthusiasm) which Hirobumi Asamoto produced became a very hit song.

In those days, she married Jun Murakami who was a famous personality, and got pregnant. After she released an album "11", she took a few months off for childbirth.

*All albums of UA*

In 2000,UA and Kenichi Asai made new band "Ajico" whose album "Sinryoku" was released in 2001. On July 24, 2002 UA`s new single "Senkou" will go on sale. Her favorite artists: Derek Jerman, PJ Harvey, Bjork, Sinead O`conner, Des `ree and etc.

References: "UA"

Reported by: Keiko Okamura
Data verified by: Rikiya Otsuzi
Date of Report: July 1998
Updated by: Kouhei Kurokawa, July 2002

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