Famous People in Japan

Tsuruta Mayu

Date of Birth 25 April, 1970
Place of Birth Kanagawa

Tsuruta Mayu was born in Kawasaki-shi, Kanagawa. In 1993, when she was twenty-three years old, she graduated from Seijou University, majoring in western art. Her first job as actress was to apper TV commercial. As soon as the commercial, "Dash racer 100 gasoline", was broadcasted, she became popular among young people. After that, we could see her many times on TV commercials.

In 1995, she got to be known as an actress. "Sotsugyou-Ryoko" was her first movie.

Now, she is one of the most popular TV personalities in Japan. We can see her almost every day on TV. She plays in the TV dramas, "Oshigoto-desu" and "Tokunaga Yoshinobu". Her commercial for "Kansai-Cellular" is very famous.

References: Gendai jinmeijiten

Reported by: Tatsumi Masamichi
Data verified by: Tanaka Akiko
Date of Report: January 1997
Updated by: Kayoko Ishihama May, 1998

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