Famous People in Japan

Tsujimoto Kiyomi

Date of Birth 28 April 1960
Place of Birth Nara

Tsujimoto Kiyomi is a female member of Diet. She is an active person, so she goes the Diet wearing sneakers, not high-heeled shoes.

In 1983, she established the private international exchange organization, "Peace Boat" while she was studying at Waseda University. She visited over 60 countries for cultural exchange and assistant. In 1992, she participated in Global Summit supported by the United Nation.

In 1995 when Hanshin-Awaji earthquake occurred, she was active as the coordinator of volunteers.

In 1996, she ran for the House of Representatives at the request of the leader of the Social Democratic Party, Takako Doi, and was elected a member of an assembly. She sponsored some laws, for example, the NPO law and the freedom of information law and so on.

There are some members that don't speak or just speakers sleep in the Diet, but she is one of members who asks questions frequently in the Diet. She has asked more than a hundred questions now.

Her motto is "make politics easy to understand" and intends to tell her opinion to people in her own word. So we can often see or hear her on TV or radio programs, for example, "Asamade NamaTV" and "Takeshi no TV Tackle".

References: http://www.kiyomi.gr.jp/

Reported by: Saori Ioka
Date Verified by: Sato Yamamoto
Date of Report: 17 January 2002

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