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Tsuboi Tomochika

Date of Birth 19 Feburary 1974
Place of Birth Aichi

Tsuboi Tomochika is a professional baseball player. He belongs to the Hanshin Tigers now. His height is 177cm, and his weight is 77kg. He looks very handsome. He was born in Nagoya City, Aichi prefecture on Feburary 19 in 1974, but his family moved to Osaka. His father was also a professional baseball player. He started baseball when he was a elementary school student. He made up his mind to become a professional baseball player in the future. After graduating from junior high school, he went to PL Gakuen, which is a very famous and strong high school for baseball. After that, he went to Aoyama University and was drafted to the Hanshin Tigers in 1998.

He got a regular position in the Hanshin Tigers as a top batter, and as a right-fielder. He was very active last year in spite of being new player. He hits few homeruns, but his number of hits are many. His batting average was '315. This was a big record as a new player. Nobody was as active as Tsuboi in the Hanshin Tigers. His batting style looks like Suzuki Ichiro, pendulum, which balances on one leg.

The coach of Hanshin Tigers, Nomura Katsuya, appreciates him very much. Tsuboi was also affected by Nomura's instruction. Nomura instructed Tuboi to become an active top batter, so he has more steals this year than last year. When he is on base, the Hanshin Tigers often scores. He is a key player in the Hanshin Tigers now.

His annual salary is about 35 million yen. His hobbies are driving and washing his own car.

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Reported by:Yutaka okamura
Data verified by: Yoshinobu Mori
Date of Report: November 1999
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