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NameYuki ChiharuDJ Koo SamEtsu
Full NameYuki KitamuraChiharu MurakiKoichi TakaseMasaharu MaruyamaEtsuko Kode
PositionMain VocalistChoreographer/ DancerLeader/Sound CreatorChoreographer/ DancerChoreographer/ Dancer
Birthday19th of February28th of February8th of August13th of January11th of August
BirthplaceOsakaSaitama TokyoSaitamaTokyo

The widely known producer Komuro Tetsuya launched the group TRF in 1992. The letters TRF stand for TK Rave Factory and the style of music that TRF produces would best be described as dance music.

TRF was formed with the idea of bringing both song and dance together and when they formed there were no groups in Japan of this kind. Today they have sold well over 10 Million units of their albums.

TRF originally began as 'trf' but they capitalised their name in 1997. In their 6 years in the Japanese music industry they have won one award, the best artist prize at the 1995 Japan Record Awards Committees awards.

The debut album by TRF was released on the 25/2/92 and was titled TK RAVE FACTORY- This is the Truth

Since then TRF has released 10 albums. Six of these albums, This is the truth, Ez do dance, world grove, Billionaire, Dance to positive and Brand new tomorrow have also been re-released as re-mix albums.

Sam is married to another famous Japanese pop artist, Amuro Namie. The two married in 1997 and Namie has since then had a baby.

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Reported by: Brendon Chapple
Date of Report: July 1998

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