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Date of Birth 10 October 1965
Place of Birth Chiba
Real name Toshizou Deyama
Blood Type A

Toshi was one of the members of X-Japan. He was a vocalist and the leader of the band. This band was very popular among young people and the leading visual rock band. Their appearances were very showy and they put on heavy makeup at that time. The theme of X-Japan is "Despair". There are many people who have been influenced by them.

Originally the band name was not X-Japan but X. That was changed in August, 1992. At the same time Heath joined the band. They sold many CDs and videos, all of which were hits.

But the members of X-Japan began solo activities, and Toshi also did. His debut single, "Made in heaven", was a good seller. The others were going well, too.

To X-Japan's fan's shock, they broke up in 24th September, 1997. It was when their popularity was at the top. Everyone was very surprised. The reason was not certain, but it is said that it is the difference of their musical tendency. Toshi wants to show himself as he was.

After that, they kept on doing their own individual activities. Toshi changed his record publisher. And he has changed his image completely. This is one of the reasons that he transferred his publisher. He said that he belonged to that office because he longed for Masaya, who is the promoter of it. Now Toshi is worried about brainwashing by Masaya.

References: "Jinmei Jiten" P.586

Reported by: Takeno Miyuki
Data verified by: Junko Ageki
Date of Report: December 1998

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