Famous People in Japan

Tokoro Joji

Date of Birth January 26, 1955
Place of Birth Saitama

Tokoro Joji is one of the most famous comedians. He's active for a singersongwriter, a writer, a master of program, an actor, and an illustrator. So people think that he is very wise and has individuality.

He appeared in the TV programs and commercials. For example, they're Mr.Dornuts, Kirin beer, the Ministry of Posts, DDI, and Toyota (car's company). He has the programs whose names are "Tokorosan no kore ari" and "Sekai marumie tokusoubu". And he also appeared in the film,"Madadayo" which were directed by Kurosawa Akira.

He lives in a full private time. He's interested in collecting old bikes, old cars, used clothes, and model guns which his office is full of. All of them are very valuable. And his sense of fashion is good. Though he's an adult, he looks like a young man. And young people check his fashion.

He was selected the best popular entertainer in 1997. He's liked and known by all generations. Probably people feel attractive to his sense of talking. He's still supported by many fans.

References: Nichigai Associates, Japan

Reported by: Fukushima Tomoko
Data verified by: Takahashi Nayumi
Date of Report: May 1998

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