Famous People in Japan

Toda Natsuko

Date of Year 1936
Place of Birth Fukuoka

Toda Natsuko is a famous translator of captions for movies. She is known as a first-class translator.

She graduated from Tsudajuku University in 1958, and became a secretary for a life insurance company. But she left from the company after a year because she longed to find employment related to the movie industry.

After working as an interpreter in a cinema company, she became a pupil of Shunji Shimizu who was an old hand at captions. She made her debut as a translator in 1970, and has taken charge of one thousand movies since then. For example, "E.T.", "Back To The Future" and so on.

She has become very famous as a translator and almost all famous movies are translated by her. Whether a movie will make a hit or not is more or less depends on the ability of the translator.

Reported by: Akiko Kaneshita
Data verified by: Kumiko Okumura
Date of Report: November 1995

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