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Date of Birth 19 September 1970
Place of Birth Shiga

T.M.Revolution means "Takanori Makes Revolution". People who see this name for the first time, they may think this is a group name. But he is a single singer. His real name is 'Takanori Nishikawa'. He is very short and slim. So he is very cute as if he were a girl. In contrast to his looks he has a strong voice. And he is good at talking. He is interesting as much as comedians. I think this is one of the causes of his popularity. Using this talent, he has a regular radio program 'All Night Nippon' every Friday night from 1:00 a.m. to 3:00 a.m.

His producer is "Daisuke Asakura". He was a member of 'access'. Before he has not made his debut as "T.M.Revolution", he helped his producer as a guest vocalist in some LIVEs. On May 13, 1996 he made his singing debut with the song 'Dokusai-monopolize-'.Gradually his popularity has been increasing. Then his third album "triple joker" was released 1998, January. This is very popular and has been sold more than one million. From July 26, 1998 he started the tour "T.M.R Live Revolution 98 - Joker Type 2-". The tickets were sold out immediately. Then he visited 47 prefectures about for five months.

He thinks T.M Revolution is not a group name but a general name of everybody who are many staffs and fans and supporting his music activities.

Dokusai-monopolize-May 13,1996
VenusJuly 15,1996
HEART OF SWORDNovember 11,1996
LEVEL 4April 21,1997
WHITE BREATHOctober 22,1997
AoihekirekiFebruary 25, 1998
HOT LIMITJune 24,1998
THUNDERBIRDOctober 7,1998
Burnin'XmasOctober 28, 1998
WILD RUSHFebruary 3,1999 in store
Ishin LEVEL-3February 21,1997
triple jokerJanuary 21,1998
MAKES REVOLUTIONSeptember 21,1996
Ishin LEVEL-3May 21,1997
video triple jokerMarch 1,1998

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Reported by: Sugiko Abe
Data verified by: Michiko Kai
Date of Report: January 1999

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